The VISIONARY METHOD™ 12 Week Online Coaching Program

The VISIONARY METHOD™ is a 12-week business course that teaches you exactly how to turn your idea, product or service into a profitable online business.

We begin November 12th, 2018. 

Hey, I'm Kelsey!

I'll be your coach for the next 3 months while we work through The VISIONARY METHOD™ together.

I created this course because it was exactly what I needed (but couldn't find!) when I launched my first online business.

I've packed each module with an incredible amount of tips, tools and resources that have helped 100's of people just like you to grow their business.

Whether you've been thinking of launching a business or if you already have a business started, I am certain that The VISIONARY METHOD™ will help you surpass your business goals and create full time income in 2019.

The VISIONARY METHOD™ is going to teach you in-depth on the the following topics...

  • Understanding your ideas & finding clarity in how you can turn them into income streams

  • Creating a comprehensive business plan that sets the foundation for your future success

  • Completing all of your branding: fonts, colors, themes, e-book templates, etc.

  • Discovering your niche, based on your innate strengths as an entrepreneur

  • Understanding your target market deeply, so that you can speak directly to them

  • Making promotional materials (business cards, workshops and videos)

  • Crafting and communicating your offer (your product or service!)

  • Mastering your marketing strategy and creating irresistible content

  • Building a profitable social media strategy without being online 24/7

  • Learning to passively generate leads in order to continually grow your audience 

  • The high level routines, rituals and success habits of thriving entrepreneurs who have already made it

& so much more!

Feeling stagnant in your current career path?

Are you ready for your next challenge?

Do you have an idea but aren’t sure how to build it into a business?

Are you lacking confidence in your entrepreneurial skills?

Want to become your own CEO?

We begin November 12th, 2018. 


module one. 

Topic: Becoming the CVO (chief visionary officer)

In this module we cover:

  • goal-setting, vision boarding & dream-casting

  • in-depth analysis of your business ideas and vision for your future

  • discovering your strengths

  • how to categorize your million ideas & turn them into projects and businesses  

module two.

Topic: Your VISIONARY Business Plan

In this module we will cover:

  • Creating a comprehensive business plan

  • Your mission, vision, core values and goals

  • Uncovering your target market

  • Finding your niche

  • Tracking your financials as a business owner

module three.

Topic: Crafting Your Irresistible (World-Changing) Offer

In this module we will cover:  

  • Knowing your product or service inside-out

  • Creating & pricing your offer

  • Communication and copywriting to get more sales

  • Selling with ease

module four.  

Topic: VISIONARY Marketing Strategy 

In this module we will learn:

  • Experiential marketing (workshops, popups, markets, live events, speaking opportunity, samplings)

  • E-mail marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Content creation that will inspire your audience

  • Scheduling tools and systems

  • Staying creative & inspired each day

module five.

Topic: Understanding & Amplifying Your Sales

In this module we will cover:

  • Building your pipeline

  • Yearly, monthly and daily sales projections

  • Generate leads consistently

  • Converting leads into sales 

  • Automation within the sales process

module six.

Topic: Showing Up For Your VISIONARY Community

In this module you will learn to:

  • Connecting with your community using a variety of different touch points

  • Build trust within your tribe

  • Add immense value to everyone you meet

  • Develop your signature workshop or teaching

  • Leave a lasting legacy


Sign up today and receive these additional bonuses:

  • 45 minute 1:1 call with me to review your ideas or assess your current business (valued at $162.00)  

  • Your own segment on my podcast Visionary Life where I will interview you & help you promote your business (tap into my network of 1000's of listeners, valued at $100.00+)  

  • Our signature VIS/ION/ARY t-shirt (valued at $25.00)  

  • Unlimited e-mail support from me throughout our time together (potential value of $300.00+)

Total Value of $587.00

Create a life & business that you love. Start with The VISIONARY METHOD™

Kelsey Reidl