Want to know more about me?


  • I love being a part of inspiring communities (cycling, co-working, business masterminds, etc.)
  • I’m a foodie, fitness junkie, and natural health lover.
  • I learn, every single day.
  • I teach from what I know, what I’ve gone through, and my life experiences.
  • I’m an optimist.
  • I do my best to show up fully each day, and be present when I'm with you.
  • Visionary is my favourite word.
  • I love finding the good in people and helping them uncover their strengths.
  • I enjoy a good bowl of gluten-free pretzels, a craft beer or glass of wine, and snuggles with our dog.
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Fun stuff...

  • I've been on a camel, while riding through the Sahara Desert
  • I could eat the same thing every single day of my life and be happy
  • The very first blog I created when I was like 14 years old was called 'Drive Thru's Are For Lazy People'
  • My fiancee and I met while travelling

My Philosophy
"Everyday of our lives should be exciting, adventurous and lived in a visionary state".


Perhaps you're still reading because you want to know even more about me, or you're considering whether or not we could collaborate or work together?

Below, I will share with you my Top Strengths. I share this with you so you can really, truly get to know me and understand why I am the way I am!

Double down on your strengths, and delegate your weakness
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1. Maximizer

What it means to me:

I approach my business and my life with excitement + energy. I see everyday as an adventure and aim to maximize each day. I do things like going out for coffee or dinner on weekdays (gasp!) without hesitation, I plan trips with my fiancee monthly that take us around the world, I do the things that I love every 24 hours because life is meant to be lived.

I  seek efficiency in an effort to maximize my time and my strengths. I implement systems that allow me to grow, without hustling. And I study successful people and learn from what they've implemented.

Why it matters to you:

Whether you have 1 hour or 100 hours per week to create your most Visionary Life, I will help you do just that! I love helping you maximize the joy you experience from your own life and business.

2. Positivity

What it means to me:

In my business and with my clients, I create an atmosphere of fun & humour. We face the highs and the lows of entrepreneurship with a good attitude, and work towards solutions when any problem arises. Everything is figure-outable and mistakes are inevitable along our journeys!

Why it matters to you:

I am not a drill-sergeant. I meet you where you're at and we work together when you're fully ready to embrace your next challenge or chapter of life.

If you feel conflicted in 'what-ifs' and 'how could I ever's' I am capable of looking at your past, celebrating what you CAN accomplish, and moving forward.

3. Consistency

What it means to me:

I've been building my brand for 5+ years and have always maintained the integrity of my business. I am of the mindset that all big leaps are simply a series of small actions.

Why it matters to you:

I can teach you the importance of consistency. I can help you implement it. And then, you watch your business grow with every consistent action.

In my coaching, I lay the foundation for you to follow a similar path that I have (no matter what your business is!) by following the simple principle of being consistent with your income generating actions, health promoting habits, or your daily inspiration.


4. Curiosity

What it means to me:

I am continually curious. A forever student.

I have worked in a number of different industries– some that I had formal training in, and some not. I never feel as though I am ‘above’ a certain task or certain job– everything is a learning experience.

I am fascinated by people, which is why I listen to so many interviews and podcasts of those who I admire. I ask a lot of questions when I meet someone– and genuinely would rather learn about their lives than discuss my own.

With my fiancee Dave, we curiously travel the world and never follow the status quo in taking trips. We’ve found ourselves getting invites to a local family lunch in El Jadida, Morrocca (Africa)– hiking along pitch dark highways while it was pouring rain in Ometempe, Nicaragua (South America)– and snowboarding through a mini avalanche on Glacier 3000 in Switzerland (Europe). Our curiosity for life keeps things interesting, that's for sure!

Why it matters to you:

  • I'm always learning so I can become a better coach & mentor for you. I have a lot of life experience that my curiosity has taught me. I have unique perspectives because of the places I've been, jobs I worked, and people I've met.

5. Adaptability

What it means to me:

The power to shift gears, no matter what life throws my way, is something I've become really good at after being let go from two jobs unexpectedly. I can pivot, with ease now.

Mantra: my life is unpredictable, and I can handle whatever is next.

Why it matters to you:

If you are ready to pivot, or have found yourself in a situation where you need to adapt, I've got the tools and resources to support you.


6. Futuristic

What it means to me:

If you've read my story, you know I've worked many jobs (employed by others) in my life thus far. They were all great, but I would think "wouldn't it be cool if I could..." or "life could be so much more fun if everyday..."

So one day, instead of just thinking about my most Visionary future. I decided to create it. I quit, I started, and I pushed forward on this little (big?) project called Visionary Life :) 

Why it matters to you:

I see a powerful future for you, even though you may not.

I am looking ahead to the version of you who lives their dream life, glows in their own skin, has created their own business or found a career they adore, is 100% financially free, and has ample time to travel or stay-cation as needed.